The advantages of using Norcross Group for litigation support include:

The recent Electronically Stored Information (ESI) amendment to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure requires that digital information be included as part of the normal legal discovery process, and this standard has also been accepted for mediation and arbitration. These requirements cover data location and recovery across digital media – even inside files that have been damaged or erased.

Many law firms have learned to outsource digital forensics, electronic discovery, and paper discovery. The reason is cost – it is far easier and cost-effective to work with a company dedicated to these services than it is to buy the equipment, add the staff and attempt to handle these functions in-house.

Norcross Group is the digital forensics, electronic discovery, and paper discovery vendor of choice for legal experts who appreciate superior service and quality. Our deep knowledge of how legal, business and IT processes interact, plus extensive investigative experience, is a level of professionalism that cannot be easily matched by any other vendor. We also deliver the consulting services necessary to integrate this knowledge into your organization, including the training and education necessary for compliance with the ESI amendment.